About Hammamet

The city of Hammamet is located in the south east of the northern peninsula of Cap Bon, on the northern edge of the Gulf of Hammamet. Thanks to its wide sandy beaches and water sports, Hammamet is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tunisia. The first thing that you will notice in Hammamet is its sandy beaches. White sand covers the entire coast, meeting up with crystal clear blue water. The water is surprisingly clean, and many tourists travel to Hammamet just to enjoy the beach and the water sports available there. Festivals and small events are often held on the beaches as well, often lasting until late in the evening. Besides,the entire town is mixed into a huge garden. Oranges, lemons and other citrus trees grow here, as well as olive groves.  

Conference venue and accommodation

Diar Lemdina – Suites Hotel –

Yasmine Hammamet, Rue de La Medina, Tunisia

Close to the beach, this refined hotel is 1 km from Carthage Land Hammamet and the port of Yasmine Hammamet, and 9 km from the Kasbah of Hammamet.


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International flights 

You can find the list of international flights to/from To Tunis in the Tunisair web site : .

And you must get an internal travel.

To and from the Airport

Hammamet is one-hour drive from Tunis-Carthage International Airport. Since no direct connection exists from Tunis-Carthage Airport, most of the hotels in Hammamet offer frequent shuttles from and to Tunis-Carthage International Airport. Alternatively, we suggest the following private transfer agencies :
– Kiwitaxi
– Daytrip

Helpful Information

The currency in Tunisia is the Tunisian Dinar (TND). There are currency exchange offices in the airports, bank branches, post offices and in some hotels. The official language is Arabic. French acts as a second language and it is widely spoken. The time zone is (GMT+1).

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